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Create your Online Radio with Mixlr and Let Your Students Speak!

Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio online. You can broadcast using any source and invite others to listen and chat in real-time. All you need to do is just create a Mixlr account and download the Mixlr desktop application to your PC or Mac. If you are planning to broadcast in a sophisticated manner, of course, you need a high-quality microphone that will provide a smooth sound quality. Some of the basic features of Mixlr application:

  • Embed live audio on your website or blog
  • Tune in directly from Facebook and Twitter
  • Build a community around your live sounds
  • HQ recording and export to your favourite archive services

Using Mixlr to Foster Your Students’ Speaking Competence

I have used Mixr to create our online radio station called AnttennaFM with my colleagues to facilitate learning of English in a meaningful, natural and constructivist way to help those who are learning English in an EFL context. We let our students create their own radio program and speak about a specific topic each week. They also invited some guests to their radio program. You can find our radio archive on Audiomack.

You can download Mixlr application using the links below or you can go directly to the Mixlr website.


Create Amazing Animations with Tellagami

Tellagami lets you create and share a quick animated video called ‘gami’. It can be used for many different tasks, assignments, projects, in-class activities, etc. You can customize your character, change its mood or outfit. You can record your own voice or use its text-to-speech technology to add a dialogue. In the attachment, you can find the worksheet I created for a speaking assignment.

appstore googleplay

Download the worksheet.



Use StoryCorps for Speaking Activities

”The StoryCorps app and were created as a global platform for listening, connecting, and sharing stories of the human experience.”

You can use StoryCorps for speaking projects or activities (especially when you’re teaching English or other languages) with your students.

You can have them interview each other or someone else. Students can select their questions from different categories (best questions, family heritage, etc.) available on the app or they can add their own questions.


In the attachment, you can find the worksheet I created for my students.

appstore googleplay

Download the worksheet.