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Best MOOC Providers to Cater for Your Online Education

As Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) get more and more popular, their effective use and uptake by learners all around the world are also significantly changing the way we foster our education. Different from traditional learning methods, MOOCS are great opportunities to create alternative and unique learning experiences without the restriction of time and place.

What is a MOOC?

Here in this post I’ve gathered some of the best MOOC providers for you with a link to their websites and mobile applications.

Coursera – It works with top universities and organizations to make some of their best courses available online, and offers courses in physics, engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, Digital Marketing, Data Science and other subjects. You can also get a verified certificate with a certain amount of money.


EdX – It was created for students and institutions that seek to transform themselves through cutting-edge technologies, innovative pedagogy, and rigorous courses. You can receive an official credential from the institution and signed by the instructor. It offers courses from a wide range of categories in architecture, humanities, science, engineering, etc.


FutureLearn – UK-based free online course provider. It offers  courses from top universities and cultural institutions. You can also get a certificate.


Iversity – It offers free online courses from top European universities. You can also earn a verified certificate and European Credit (ECTS) points depending on the course you take.


Khan Academy – It offers ”a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere”. You can see video courses in the form of YouTube videos and with practice exercises and tools for educators. All resources are available for free to anyone around the world.


Udacity – Discover online classes taught by top instructors and industry experts. Take courses at your own pace.


Udemy – It is an online education marketplace with limitless variety: over 7 million students enrolled in more than 30000 courses. It offers both free and paid courses, especially in computer engineering.


iTunes U – It offers a variety of courses from different universities all around the world. It also provides learning management system in which you can engage every student with rich learning materials like apps, books, videos, podcasts, and primary sources from across iTunes.


EMMA (European Multiple MOOC Aggregator) – It offers a series of MOOC courses that you can follow, studying the different units in each lesson and completing the assignments to check your learning.


MIT Open Courseware – It makes the materials used in the teaching of almost all of MIT’s subjects available on the Web, free of charge. With more than 2,200 courses available.


NovoEd – You can take online courses, corporate training programs, and leadership development modules on NovoEd’s social learning platform.


Canvas Network – It offers free online courses and classes from the world’s leading universities.


Open2Study – You can choose all free courses and all run over four weeks. Everything you need is to complete the course, including videos, further readings, assessments, quizzes, transcripts.