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Pronunciation Apps to Master English

Hello, everyone! Here I’ve listed some of the pronunciation apps that you can use as an aid  to master English pronunciation on your mobile devices.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App – The ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid, for both students and teachers. Sounds helps you study, practice and play with pronunciation wherever you are.



Sounds Right by British Council – It is the pronunciation chart for learners and teachers worldwide. It’s now available only for iPad.



Phonemic Chart – This phonemic chart helps you hear and say the sounds of the English language. To hear the sounds, click on the IPA symbols that represent the sounds.



Pronunciation Power – It is an easy and effective way to learn the 52 sounds of the English Language.



English Pronunciation Training – You can hear the pronunciation of words in practice area to hear the correct pronunciation of that word. Pronunciation videos with phonetics letters help you know the right way to pronounce a word. You can also view your progress.



English Pronunciation – It teaches you how to pronounce English properly and also checks your pronunciation (phonetic) to make sure you do it right.



English Pronunciation Checker – It helps you practice English pronunciation with different learning modes.