Why Podcasting is Primed For Mobile Learning?

Why Podcasting Is Primed For Mobile Learning Infographic

This infographic explains how podcasting is important in terms of creating content for mobile learning and reaching the audience.

Human Mobility Will Continue to Increase

  • The global wearables market will grow 348% to 148 million units shipped annually in 2019.
  • Smartwatches will account for 70% of total wearable devices by 2019.
  • Mobile is global there are roughly 2.3 billion mobile internet cell phone subscribers in the world

Mobile Learning is Redefining Education

  • In 2020, the mobile learning market is estimated to reach $70 billion

Mobile Learning is Accessible

  • 77% of families have at least one smartphone at home
  • 45% have at least one tablet
  • Audio content is cheaper to produce than apps or textbooks – the price of textbooks has risen more than 800%. Making textbooks inaccessible to developing countries.

Podcasting is the Best Medium for Mobile Learning

  • 63% of all podcasts were consumed through mobile devices
  • 86% of school and district administrators said mobile learning increases student engagement
  • Podcasting improves the student/teacher relationship
  • In a recent survey, 97.5 % of students reported that podcasting improved peer communication and broke down barriers between learners and lecturers.
  • After 2 weeks, people are 2x more likely to remember something they heard than read.

Source: eLearning Infographics